Paper Selection

Art Print Studios offers 2 types of premium paper for your wall art. But what's the difference?

First, both papers will provide you with an extremely high quality and durable poster. All papers have been selected according to the following criteria:

Weight  Both will be thicker then any readily available posters
Contrast How much contrast does the paper provide and how to optimize that for the particular artwork
Color How does the color of the paper enhance the original artworks colors
This affects how the ink is spread across the paper and determines much of the pre-print color management
Size How does the paper affect the view of the artwork from 5-15 feet away

For most people, the 'premium poster' paper will provide a fantastic poster and is recommended. 

But for those who want to try 'Museum Paper' or what's known as archival quality, Art Print Studios offers this top of the line paper.

The Museum Paper is what is literally used in museum's for many artworks. The company that produces this paper has been making paper for over 400 years! That's longer than America has been America.

It's 308gsm, so very thick. It will retain its ink, quality, shape, crispness for over 2 centuries. 

These papers add elegance and class to any artwork, and can make even an ordinary print into a collectors item. 

Note: All limited edition prints from Art Print Studios are done 100% on Museum Paper

Material Standard Poster Premium Poster Museum Paper
Weight Light Medium Heavy
D-Max Low Medium High
Color White Off-White Off-White
Texture Smooth Light Texture Light Texture
Archival Lifespan No No Yes